Friday, September 14, 2018

Geekville Radio: Henry Cavill Exiting Superman And Remembering Burt Reynolds

I teased a little deal I was excited about on Twitter earlier this week. Well that deal was this podcast appearance. I was asked to join to discuss Burt Reynolds' passing, and the Henry Cavill/Superman news fell into our lap that morning.

This thing was an absolute BLAST to record as well. I would love to hear any and all feedback about my appearance on here if you give it a listen.

There were two things I meant to share on this episode that slipped my mind when we recorded. I thought this line from Burt's book was fantastic, "Nobody had more fun than I did." When I heard that I told Mom that it reminded me of my grandmother (Gramma) because she was very much like that as well.

The other thing was that we are planning a Burt Reynolds party with my family. We are planning on watch at least Smokey & The Bandit. There will be Coors, Dr. Pepper, and Diablo Sandwiches as well.

What's a Diablo Sandwich? I always thought it was some sort of country ham sandwich for whatever reason, but apparently it's like a Taco Burger (which I love from the original Del Taco, and now Taco Casa). Here's the recipe for one from Oakland County Moms who credits CMT's Reel Eats with it. No idea if that's what one was, but we are going with it.

Like I said, feedback welcome and this was a blast to record. I hope any fans of Superman, Cavill, or Burt Reynolds enjoy!