Thursday, August 23, 2018

WWE Masterfully Playing Their Live Crowd

There are two HUGE examples in the last couple of years where WWE successfully played their live crowd in difficult situations.

The first was having the 2017 Royal Rumble come down to Randy Orton and Roman Reigns.

The more recent one was BRAUN Strowman announcing that he would cash-in after the SummerSlam 2018 Universal Title match, and main event between Brock Lesnar (c) and Roman Reigns.

While I did not get the volume of votes that I would have liked, I did put up a poll to see which was the more masterful manipulation of the live crowd. I think the voters got this one RIGHT too.

While the SummerSlam crowd was far less hostile to the Lesnar/Roman main event than we thought due to BRAUN's presence, I still maintain that getting a smarky crowd like we had in San Antonio to POP HUGE for a Randy Orton Rumble victory is a far greater accomplishment.

Had Randy been in there with anyone else there is no way he gets that reaction. Only the fear that they were going to see Roman Reigns stand tall to end that Rumble could make them FREAK OUT for a Randy Orton victory.

It was something I never would have expected to see, and immediately my Twitter timeline was filled with folks pointing out how well WWE played the crowd.

It's a meme at this point that Vince McMahon has lost his touch. While I think that point is overblown in the first place it is always wild to watch him do his magic still. He did it in both of these situations, and I think you have to tip your cap to him.