Tuesday, August 14, 2018

WWE 2K19: Showcase Mode Returns Featuring Daniel Bryan

I know some folks were missing this mode a great deal so I'm glad to see it return. Daniel Bryan is the perfect guy to center it around too, and the article explains why....
Why did 2K pick Daniel Bryan?

The 2K Showcase is back in WWE 2K19 due to popular demand. So 2K felt it fitting for Bryan to become the face of this year’s 2K Showcase.

2K cited Bryan’s enduring popularity in the WWE Universe and his long road to WWE stardom as the primary reasons for his story being selected for this year’s 2K Showcase.
I am generally easy to please when it comes to these games, and I am definitely looking forward to this year's release. This is a nice little bit of sizzle too.

Back in May I did outline a few things I'd like them to tweak about this year's edition. It's my Wish List as it were.