Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Shield Reunites And Are NOT Heels...Yet

My initial reaction to the "Did The Shield turn heel?" chatter last night was a little more pointed than I would like, and reading it back I read a touch of condescension (which I don't care for) so that's my bad.

Here's what I said on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling):
No, The Shield are not heels.

If you think that based on tonight, please think harder.  
While I do not care for the tone I used there, I absolutely stand by the sentiment. You may agree or disagree, but I will at least show my work here.

The primary reason I say it wasn't a heel turn is due to BRAUN's actions. While legally BRAUN has every right to use the Money In The Bank contract in that manner there was nothing honorable about it.

Calling his shot face to face sounds like a more honorable way to approach it than other methods we've seen, but at both SummerSlam and Raw he was looking to cash-in on a worn down opponent.

Had BRAUN showed up during introductions and included himself in the match only for The Shield to get involved I might see the argument. As it actually went down though you've got Dean and Seth protecting their boy from a cash-in when he's obviously in now shape to handle BRAUN. It wasn't so much a Horsemen-style "we must save the title" situation as it was, "We cannot let our guy lose his title THAT way. There's a subtle difference there, and I think it changes things quite a bit.

As an aside, having an ace up his sleeve made Roman Reigns look like the rare intelligent babyface which was a welcome situation. Think about it, Brock figured out a way to neutralize BRAUN at SummerSlam the night before. Imagine what kind of moron Roman looks like if he doesn't have his boys watching his back last night.

Someone on my very chaotic Twitter TL last night also pointed out that The Shield reveal spoke to why Roman was so confident and unconcerned about BRAUN looking for a cash-in last night as well.

I should add that I am also not arguing that BRAUN is a heel either. I am saying The Shield isn't...yet.  It's entirely possible that as thing plays out they either become heels or are clearly portrayed as heels. If that happens then I am fine with that, but it does not change what we saw last night.

Whether The Shield is heel or face is kind of a secondary issue anyhow. The main thing is that it looks like business is about to pick up on Raw with the Universal Title returning to the show, and what appears to be all out war between The Shield and "The Monster Among Men" BRAUN Strowman.

Let's see how things play out, and enjoy the ride!