Sunday, August 12, 2018

SCI 2018: Guys Who Made An Impression

Looking at different aspects of the 2018 Scenic City Invitational is something I have wanted to do here since I got back in town last Sunday. The part that is most interesting to me is the fellowship, but I'm not ready for that part yet.

What I am ready to look at is a handful of guys who made an indelible impression on me this weekend. Specifically guys that I may have liked before, but came away with a new appreciation for after the event.

For example, guys like Joey Lynch (who was an MVP and winner of the tournament), and Gary Jay aren't included here. Why? I've been a huge fan of both guys for years now.

This is more about three guys who I came away with a different appreciation for after this tournament.

Let's go...

  1. Ike Cross (@Crossf1t_hobo)--Ike has a great look that absolutely grabs you the first time you see him. My memory is notoriously unreliable, but I am fairly certain I saw him at a previous Scenic City event (either Rumble or Trios), and thought he had a ton of potential.

    In my amateur opinion, he's definitely tapped into that potential because he was FANTASTIC at SCI 2018. He threw a backbody drop of all things that was a thing of beauty. He also took a couple of bumps that made me cringe, and that all worked.  Ike looks to me like a guy who will not be denied.

  2. Kevin Ku (@kevinxku)--Ku is a guy I had seen before, and liked. The performance that weekend though took me from one level of appreciation to another though. Talking to another fan we agreed that Ku's intensity in the ring (not a clip from SCI, but gives you an idea) really comes through in his work. Besides him getting a unique, and badass finish in the Futures Showcase (which we will talk about in the future), he just comes off as so aggressive that you have to respect it and appreciate it. He did a move to the corner on an opponent, and he absolutely ATTACKED it. It's like he wrestles with a reckless abandon that draws you in.

  3. Marko Stunt (@MarkoStunt)--I had seen "Marko's The Guy" for a little bit on Twitter, but from the moment I saw him enter the ring to Pat Benatar's "We Belong" I totally got it. Marko may not have an imposing stature, but he is FUN. Watching him do his thing for the first time was my immense pleasure, and I cannot wait until others get to experience live for the first time as well.  

All three of these guys are people I want to see a lot more of, and I'm glad ACTION is bringing Ku (7 Pack Challenge) and Cross (v Slim J) in this week. That was perfect timing, and I'd love to see how Tyrone reacts to Marko Stunt down the road too.