Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kevin Owens, BRAUN, And The Briefcase At SummerSlam

I said for a while now that I think Kevin Owens screwing BRAUN out of the briefcase is much more interesting than any sort of  BRAUN cash-in (especially a surprise one).

I still maintain that, and I think Kevin Owens is taking the briefcase from BRAUN at SummerSlam. We've all assumed that KO will manage the victory through some sort of sever shenanigans.

After Monday's Raw where they teased that Jinder Mahal was upset with KO for trying to get him to tangle with BRAUN, I've come to the conclusion that Jinder will attack KO in order to get BRAUN disqualified. You may think that doesn't work, but so far as I recall I believe any KO win in this match gives him the briefcase and that includes via DQ.

It's cheap, and it's effective. It does raise the question though, "Why did BRAUN win Money In The Bank in the first place?"

I think I know the answer. BRAUN winning MitB wasn't about him being the Monster In The Bank so much as it was about having that closing shot of BRAUN standing victorious at the end of that show. They accomplished that, but they have no interest in any sort of BRAUN cash-in (called shot or otherwise).

What's the upside here? You've got a more fitting briefcase holder, BRAUN is likely destroying him again anyhow, BRAUN's time eventually comes when he earns a more legitimate shot at the champion, and you've used the "putting the briefcase on the line" gimmick again.

It's beautiful really. I am curious to see if they go this direction, and where it goes from there.