Wednesday, August 29, 2018

BRAUN's Path Forward

After BRAUN turned on Raw the other night, I got to thinking about what I would do with him moving forward.  I am not a fantasy booker, but I do occasionally come up with an idea I like.

For BRAUN I think it's pretty simple.

I don't think you can have Roman Reigns (especially with The Shield having his back) drop the strap as soon as Hell In A Cell. It would be a waste of Roman finally beating Brock, and I don't think WWE is ready for their top guy to make media appearances with the Universal Title.

So what do you do at Hell In A Cell? Shenanigans, and lots of them because it's in the Cell. You've got Ziggler, McIntyre, Ambrose, and Rollins who will all likely get involved. If it were up to me I might have Ziggler's attempt to neutralize The Shield and/or help BRAUN backfire.

At that point you're heading to Australia for the six-man tag between The Shield and BRAUN, McIntyre, and Ziggler. Assuming that match is set in stone, I think The Shield wins there too.  From there, you've got to have BRAUN kill Ziggler and possibly feud with McIntyre.

This course of action flips BRAUN out of the heel role he's been forced into as well.  The crowd will have his back, and you move Roman and The Shield on to other things as we approach the Royal Rumble.

BRAUN is my pick to win the Royal Rumble so he can go on to face Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 35.  I have said for a long time now that BRAUN's first big title win needs to be against Roman Reigns.

If you can be just a little patient, that big win at Mania 35 would be the perfect way to pay off the BRAUN Strowman deal. Doing it in front of that crowd, and by him dethroning Roman only makes it more perfect.

After that, I'd have BRAUN drop the strap to someone like Roman or Rollins and he becomes a special attraction type who is typically not in the hunt for the top strap. This will help protect him from either needing to a) be more vulnerable as champion to make storylines interesting or b) being invincible while champion and risking the crowd turning on him.

That's is far as I've taken it, but if I were running WWE it's how I would deal with "The Monster Among Men" BRAUN Strowman.