Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Very Personal Message From ACTION CEO, Matt Griffin

As I went to bed just after the end of SmackDown last night, I awoke to a Tweet thread I had been tagged in by ACTION Wrestling CEO, Matt Griffin (@MattTheMouth).

As the "Unofficial Archivist of ACTION Wrestling" Matt wanted to make sure I saw it, and shared it.

That Tweet is below if you'd prefer to read the words directly from Matt himself.

As the unofficial archivist though I also have copied, pasted, and cleaned up his message a little bit. The cleaning up is primarily just a few words here and there and some formatting due to the difference between Twitter and a website by the way.

I hope in no way my formatting choices have diminished what Matt wanted to share with all of you. His message is shared just below the embedded Tweet.

We just had our 3rd show with ACTION Wrestling (@WrestleACTION1) this past Friday and I still haven’t quite recovered. There is always a bit of a crash and a letdown/depression sinking in after the show and it is starting. How far this whole thing has come in just a few months is something that I am incredibly proud of. With Friday's show totals we are at just under $10k raised for our nonprofit friends. This is incredible to me and it's just a number sitting there, nothing has sunk in.

This is all due to the fans who come and buy tickets and concessions which allows us to bring in generous sponsors. The wrestling aspect of ACTION is important but I hope to never lose sight of the fact that we are working to improve people's lives through wrestling. I am so close to announcing the beneficiary for our Oct 26 and will once we hammer it down after a lunch meeting at a Partners Pizza (one of our sponsors!).

We will be looking at early 2019 dates soon, but our final show of the year will be on Dec 7 and will be a benefit for Toys for Tots. As a former Marine I'm very pleased that we will be able to work for Toys for Tots and I already have so much planned for that show.

All the wrestlers you see on ACTION shows, please support them at any event you see them at. Literally every wrestler on an ACTION show is worth more and usually gets paid more at other shows. With the nonprofit aspect, if you see someone on an ACTION show it’s because they like what we are doing, and we couldn't put on these fantastic shows without wrestlers working hard.

Three shows in I hope there's some clear direction with what our "brand" is and our aesthetic. ACTION started after a chance meeting in the Community Center we run with the town rec director. Literally a week before there had been a show at the Founders Day Festival that we will just say, was not stocked with talent. A lunch meeting later to see if we might be able to run shows and make this work out, we got the town. ACTION exists in large part because this is less a scenario where we rent the building and more work as a partnership with the town to bring fun lively events and raise money for our nonprofit orgs.

That is a huge deal to me. Attempting to grow the promotion organically through our town, county and state only can happen if we have the support and framework and I never wanted to run just one show. The April 27th show would have been far different. I initially committed to running 2 shows and then seeing where we were at. I was pleased we drew about 150 for our first show, and floored by the crowd reactions. It was literally one of the hottest crowds I’ve ever heard at an indie wrestling show. After ACTION 1, I got on the calendar dates thru December. Show 2 drew about 175 and Show 3 last Friday had about 200. It was also nice seeing several area wrestlers come to check out and see what’s happening. I am in debt to so many who help fulfill my passions of fundraising and running and booking pro wrestling shows.

It's very cool to see a guy like James Bandy @JamesBandyII go from a guy who sends an early booking inquiry, takes a spot with a guarantee of nothing, just works hard and makes the best he can of it. It works too, he's not a spot filler on ACTION shows now he's a guy who is progressing.

After ACTION 2 on June 29th, my family went to visit friends in LA. I found out a couple days later while out there that my father had passed away. I hadn’t had the chance to tell him how the most recent show went. I was on a high from how well that show did to immediate crash. One thing that helped me cope was knowing I had another show. The end business result wasn’t putting money in my pocket, it was going to help our military veterans in need. If it had been financial gain on my end, the promotion end would have been a lot less for sure. I was and am still so grateful to have a great crew of wrestlers and support staff who reached out to me in the days after he passed to check in on me. It's still and will be for a long while a weird thing, as my father loved that I ran benefits and that I became a wrestler.

I just needed to get some words out, this was long and meandering but I'm trying to really grasp that ACTION didn’t exist a few months ago, and now we are running shows in a packed house, with tons of ACTION shirts worn in the crowd, with people asking the on sale date of the next show.

If on Apr 26 I had been asked to plan out a best case scenario for how the first 3 shows would go and be received, it never would have been as good as reality. I'm still floored by this. Thanks so much. I’m not going to lie, the clinical depression that is always there is particularly bad, my manicness is gone. I just have to get through for the time being and I’ll be more positive about everything as well.

As I said, some very candid and personal thoughts from the ACTION CEO. Related, I shared recently why exactly I am such a huge supporter of Matt Griffin, and ACTION Wrestling. It's