Thursday, July 19, 2018

Three Matches Announced For ACTION Wrestling Show 3 (Friday, August 17 2018 Tyrone, GA)

We are just under a month out from ACTION Wrestling's next show in Tyrone, Georgia (Friday, August 17, 2018 7:30 PM.)

So far three matches have been announced and unsurprisngly the card is shaping up nicely.
  1. Austin Theory v AC Mack--Mack has been on both ACTION shows, and is a man that Tyrone loves to hate. Austin Theory was to be in the main event of the very first show, but was unable to appear due to scheduling issues so he's making his ACTION Wrestling debut. I am very excited to see him in person.

  2. Dominic Garrini v Cain Justice--Two returning stars here as Dom faced Gunner Miller in the main event of the first show, and Cain had a fantastic match against Fred Yehi.

  3. Slim J v Ike Cross--In a match that was released exclusively on The Wrestling Brethren Podcast this week, Georgia indie veteran Slim J returns to ACTION taking on the dynamic Ike Cross.
All three of these matches have the potential to be really freaking good.

ACTION Wrestling Show 3 will once again be a benefit show as all are. This one will benefit Armed Forces Mission. I am afraid I won't do this justice so let's let the text directly from explain what AFM is, and more importantly what it does:
Armed Forces Mission is a non-profit organization leading the way in reducing suicide among veterans. AFM does so through direct intervention of veterans at risk and the training of community caregivers. AFM has personally conducted more than 800 successful interventions since 2012 and has trained more than 8,000 individuals to do the same.

You can check them out at All proceeds from ticket sales, sponsors and concessions after expenses will go to support AFM.
If you haven't done so already follow ACTION Wrestling on the following...