Tuesday, July 17, 2018

That Extreme Rules Main Event: Rollins V Ziggler

Saw a lot of chatter about how bad Extreme Rules was last night, and I disagree with that. What I will say was that the main event left me completely flat.

When it was rumored that Lashley v Reigns would close the show I understood it. I knew they were playing with fire as it related to the live crowd, but I figured that program was worthy of "show closing shot" status.

Obviously, Lashley v Reigns went on much earlier, had some layout issues, but ended up being an entertaining affair.

I had joked on Twitter earlier in the day that I could see closing the show with Rollins (he's been white hot for a while now), but there was NO WAY I could see having Dolph Ziggler close it. With that mentality the main event was starting off on the wrong foot for me anyway.

Once it became clear that Rollins v Ziggler was the closer, I tried to give it a shot. I figured a) Rollins closes the show standing tall or b) there would be some major angle to close it instead. Unfortnately, WWE gave us c) Dolph Ziggler retains the Intercontinental Championship.

So...what's my issue here?

The biggest issue is that Dolph Ziggler is an absolute zero. The only thing that makes him even remotely interesting is standing next to Drew McIntyre.

That said, I still tried to give this a chance and the bigger reason it fell flat for me was the match itself. I'm not a nitpicker (I'm really not, not by wrestling fan standards at least), but the way they laid out some of this stuff either made little sense OR made Seth Rollins look like an absolute geek.

For example, after Drew was ejected he attacked Rollins again. My son (11 years old) turned around and screamed "That should be another point for Rollins!" and he was right.

The ejection itself was later rendered meaningless when Drew played a role in the ending. I know it was done to protect Rollins, and I appreciate that, but it didn't work for me.

Seth had a couple of moments that didn't look right either.  The first one was the Sharpshooter spot with roughly two minutes to go.  I got the idea that Seth felt he needed to release the hold in order to secure another before Ziggler got the break, but the way they did made it look like Seth released it RIGHT AS Ziggler was going to tap. 

The bigger one was the end of regulation where he really had to look like a goof in order to make sure he ran out of time on the pin attempt.  Again, I know it's a matter of trying to protect him, but it wasn't executed as well as I would like.

Speaking of the ending, I absolutely HATED Kurt Angle restarting the match just to do that finish. If Ziggler's standing tall either way don't send Angle out there to restart the match to a big POP, and have Rollins lose.  Once they sent Angle out there I had a small glimmer of hope that Seth would somehow pull it out.

You may have noticed that I neglected to mention a big topic of discussion...the crowd. There's a reason for that. I decided a while back that I am not going to engage in crowd-centric discussion.  Those folks can do what they want, and it does not impact my enjoyment of a match. I hate to even mention it in this post, but it's omission would likely have been questioned.

While I hate being a nitpicker, and I feel I'm doing that here I wanted to explain why this main event fell flat for me.  There you have it.