Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Give Me The Bludgeon Brothers Against The Usos

SmackDown's main event scene is a disaster, but there is some decent stuff on an otherwise skippable show. The Usos have been absolutely fantastic for one, and there was a tease last night that kind of got my attention.

The Bludgeon Brothers gimmick isn't something that I LOVE, but I do like the Rowan & Harper pairing. They've been spinning their wheels with the BRAUN/Nia push of beating "local talent" for the most part so it was interesting to see them tease something more meaningful for the duo.

The Usos, of course, are absolutely on fire from an in-ring, promo, and character standpoint. I'm certain an Usos v Bludgeon Brothers match would be an absolute banger.

Honestly, it is very unlikely The Usos are having a bad match with anyone right now.

This kind of thing isn't enough to make SmackDown a priority again (I listened on my phone while playing video games last night), but it is something interesting in a show that is sagging badly.