Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Shield Reunited

This was in no way a surprise, but the end of Raw gave us a really cool moment. It was also a unique way to end the show and I think that helped it work so well.

Just as a way of setting the scene for anyone who doesn't know, Seth and Dean were destroyed by The Bar earlier in the show. The Bar then turns up to assist The Miz after Roman had dispatched Bo and Axel.

Up until the video I will share below, Roman had specifically stated that Seth and Dean could handle their own business and he was focusing on the IC Title. After The Miz and The Bar destroyed Roman this attitude has apparently changed.

Cool moment, right? I think so, and it seems that my corner of Wrestling Twitter agrees. Now one thing has already come out of this that I want to address. I have seen people already talk about who will turn to end The Shield. I think that would be a huge mistake. I've seen enough of them against each other to realize that The Shield is better off as allies. So while I think this reunion will be fairly short, I also think it needs to end with all three guys still on the same page.

There's no need for anyone to turn. They agree to go do their thing (even if that means Dean and Seth are still teaming), and the understanding is that if trouble like this arises again they can reform as needed.

Regardless what they do after this run is over, I want it to be a scenario where you still know that The Shield are brothers. That's what makes the most sense for them, and I think that's how WWE will handle them.