Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Retun Of The Shield

Obviously the thing I'm most excited about in wrestling right now is the return of The Shield. Here's all The Shield action from this week's Raw for your viewing pleasure.

There's no telling how long this ride will last (I'd imagine they roll with it up until Royal Rumble season), but I'm going to enjoy it. The new shirt is a must-buy for example. The reunion is a nice change of pace, and a nice piece of nostalgia to go with this time of year.

My main wish and only concern here is that they insist on having someone turn. I wouldn't do that at all. Have the "brothers to the bone" as Booker T called them simply choose to go their separate ways. At some point in the future they may need to ride again. The Shield is far more interesting as a collective or on the same side than they are feuding with one another.