Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NWA Wildside Reunion Show

NWA Wildside had their reunion show this past Saturday and suffice to say it was simply...Phenomenal!

Yes, even the prodigal son, AJ Styles was able to make an appearance at the big event at the now named Landmark Arena.  Due to outside circumstances, myself, David, Jose and Jennifer were unable to attend the all day fan festival that had various Q & A sessions as well as meet and greets with many of the stars from Wildside's past. 

For us, it was just like yesterday, all meeting up, making the trip through downtown Atlanta, through the traffic, making our way up I-85, then to I-985.  Obviously from 2005-2017 changes have been made to the area, however, when we made our traditional stop to get food, that particular area hasn't changed very much. 

After we got food it was back on the trek to Cornelia, which for us is an almost 2 hour drive from the southside of Atlanta.  Upon arriving at the area, it was the same dump as it was when Wildside ended back in 2005.  There was already a line outside the arena waiting to get in.  It wasn't a long wait until they started letting people in.  When you enter the arena, you see the current owners have made some major renovations to the arena, improving the lighting, getting a new ring, moving the wrestler's entrance way to where the steady camera setup used to be.  Its still a great intimate place to see a wrestling event.

And what a an event it was!  Just like the old times at a Wildside show.  You can read Larry Goodman's full report of the show here. As a fan, it was good to see the guys work, and even more impressive was many of the guys who haven't worked a show since the end of Wildside have not lost a step.

There were many who could not be there who sent in video messages for the fans, and at the end we all thought AJ Styles was going to be one of those guys, HOWEVER, it was just a tease, and from backstage comes out AJ!  It was a great moment to see him return home and remember the place that helped mold him into the star he is today. 

That moment capped off a great reunion show, it gave the wrestlers and the fans a chance to relive the good times and good moments that were had under the Wildside banner.  Wildside only lasted about 5 years, but made a lasting mark on the industry, one that this writer is proud to have been personally been a part of.