Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WWE 2K18: First Roster Reveal From IGN

There were some leaks earlier in the day, but IGN just dropped the first 47 playable superstars in WWE 2K18.
  1. Akira Tozawa
  2. Alexander Wolfe
  3. Alundra Blayze
  4. Andre the Giant
  5. Bam Bam Bigelow
  6. Baron Corbin
  7. Big Boss Man
  8. Big Show
  9. BRAUN Strowman
  10. Bray Wyatt
  11. Bret Hart
  12. Brie Bella
  13. British Bulldog
  14. Buddy Roberts
  15. Bushwacker Butch
  16. Bushwacker Luke
  17. Cesaro
  18. Dean Ambrose
  19. Diamond Dallas Page
  20. Diesel (and Kevin Nash)
  21. Dolph Ziggler
  22. Dusty Rhodes
  23. Emma
  24. Eric Young
  25. Erick Rowan
  26. Goldust
  27. Hideo Itami
  28. Jinder Mahal
  29. Kalisto
  30. Kane
  31. Karl Anderson
  32. Killian Dain
  33. Konnor
  34. Lita
  35. Luke Gallows
  36. Luke Harper
  37. Mark Henry
  38. Nikki Bella
  39. Nikki Cross
  40. Paige
  41. Sami Zayn
  42. Sawyer Fulton
  43. Sheamus
  44. Sin Cara
  45. Summer Rae
  46. The Undertaker
  47. Viktor
There's some interesting and diverse names here.
Not bad so far, looking forward to who else we are getting.  I heard a rumor previously that the Freebirds may be OUT so I'm glad to see Buddy "Jack" Roberts on this list.

**Also I don't really like having to use the Read More deal in the middle of that list, but I hate the way the site looks even more with this post being that long. I chose the lesser of two evils.**