Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Updated Thoughts on Friday The 13: The Game

In late June I shared my thoughts about Friday the 13th: The Game. Since then I have played a lot more, but more importantly the developers are about to make some serious changes.

The biggest one, and one that I thought was sorely needed, is the elimination of team killing.  This one is fairly controversial and I get why, but due to how awful this community of gamers is I think it's the right move. 

Nothing is more infuriating than sitting through all of the matchmaking, have a game start, and getting hacked to death by some counselor for no reason whatsoever.  This will change the dynamic of fighting Jason though, and I'm curious if that hampers the game.

The issue there is that right now if you're a group of counselors swinging at Jason you have to be careful to not hurt your teammates with friendly fire.  Once that threat is gone it may make it harder for Jason to perform well against a team who plays smart.  I should add that you can still have the option to allow team killing in private matches, but it is going away in public ones. 

Emotes are also being added so players without mics can communicate to some degree.  Another controversial aspect of the upcoming patch is an option to play "fast maps." Basically, it sounds like these are modified versions of our current maps that will be 40% smaller.  The idea there is to ramp up tension, and possibly have games end more quickly.  I think that's a good idea to have that option, but others were less than thrilled.  

That's it for the major changes coming up in the patch.  This game desperately needs host migration, but the elimination of team killing should be a nice step in the right direction. Let's hope that the unintended consequences don't outweigh the positives here.