Monday, July 24, 2017

Quick Thoughts: WWE Battleground 2017 (SmackDown LIVE)

It stunk!

That's it really, but you expect a little more than that so here you go.

  • The SD Tag Title match between The Usos and New Day (Xavier and Kofi) was excellent. Clearly the match of the night by far. Not upset New Day won (my son popped huge for it), but I am much more interested in The Usos right now.

    As a matter of fact, I've wanted to see Roman Reigns reunite with The Usos for a while. I think this version of The Usos and Roman would be fantastic together.

  • Punjabi Prison match wasn't great, but it succeeded in being a spectacle at least. The Great Khali returning was...something.  The Singh Brother bump to the announce table was nuts. I think Jinder retaining in general was the right choice.  I also had no issue with the rules of the match. They were explained clearly and I understood them.

  • Cena v Rusev probably could have been good, but the flag gimmick killed it. I don't recall the last time I saw a crowd care so little about John Cena.

  • Natalya as Naomi's challenger at SummerSlam? Hard pass.

  • KO v AJ wasn't even that entertaining, but it may have just been the finish talking. Speaking of that there are rumblings that it may have been botched, and AJ was supposed to retain. Do with that what you will...

Nothing else on the show merits discussion, and hitting all those points was a stretch honestly. Battleground was a real stinker, looking forward to Raw tonight though.

Also, I respect Roman's pettiness here, that is phenomenal banter.