Friday, July 7, 2017

Jeff Jarrett: Moonlighting Main Eventer

Not even sure what prompted this the other day, but I saw something that caused me to Tweet about good ol' "Double J" Jeff Jarrett.

The phrase "Moonlighting Main Eventer" came to mind immediately.  I really enjoyed Jarrett in WCW as a top of the midcard guy.  That's why I referred to him as an MME, he's perfectly suited for the upper midcard and can rotate up to a main event/world title level role from time to time.

He is not, however, someone I would personally build around as a franchise player.  That's why WCW Jarrett was over with me big time, but TNA Jarrett flopped for the most part with me.  He's just not that guy that should dominate your program like that.  The role doesn't suit him as well as the MME role does.

As for a quick rundown of Jarrett in general I'd put it like this:
  • Memphis--Really enjoyable when teamed up with Robert Fuller. In that promotion he is absolutely a top guy, no issue with that there.

  • WWE--Enjoyed him there as well especially his time in Canadian Country and his IC Title run where he tangled with Chyna.

  • WCW--Really wanted him as a full-fledged 4th Horsemen with Mongo taking a bodyguard position instead.

  • TNA--Way too much focus on the guy, my interest in that promotion suffered due to his extended run on top and the fact it felt like they couldn't get out of their own way.

If you ever wondered what I thought about J-E-Double F-J-A-Double R-E-Double T, there you have it. I hope to start doing posts based on things that just happen to cross my mind on Twitter more often.  Expect more random subjects like this to pop up here.

HUGE omission here...YES! I absolutely popped for Slap Nuts. Great catchphrase, and I recall the exact moment he uttered it. Top notch work there, buddy.