Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What I Would Do With The WWE Cruiserweight Division

After giving this some thought, I determined how I would handle WWE's Cruiserweight division. I would dismantle it.

 I would spread that talent out through Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. I would create some tag teams with the talent. I would continue doing things like the mixed tag at WWE Extreme Rules.

The main thing I would not do is treat the cruisers like they are their own separate thing. No more Cruiserweight Title, and I would absolutely positively get rid of the purple ropes. If you absolutely think you need a title below the US and IC Title then I think you could create a TV title or something similar.

Now I know the US and IC Titles are arguably on that same tier anyway, but I think a TV Title could work. The benefit here is it would be open to more than just the 205 and under crowd. It would allow them to mix and mingle with the heavyweights, and I think that would be far better than treating them as their own separate (less important) entity.

To me, keeping the cruisers as they have been is a completely waste of time no matter how good specific talents have been.  By abolishing the division, I think you give all those guys an opportunity to grow and to shine.  I just don't see an advantage to keeping the tainted division around.

The talent and the style needs to be showcased, but pigeon-holing them as the cruiserweights in 2017 is doing no one any favors.