Monday, June 26, 2017

Don't Be This Guy On Twitter

Last night on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling), I remarked that there was nothing that made me cringe more than fans directing insider lingo at wrestlers.

What made me think about that?  These two Tweets from The Club.  Both are responding to the same guy, and both are (rightly in my opinion) pointing out how silly that behavior is. 

Speaking of silly behavior, I know we often complain about creating stories or posts out of Tweets. Obviously, I'm guilty of that here, but I thought it was important to use this illustration to show how dopey we come off when we use terms like this at wrestlers. Want to talk about someone being buried? It's an overused term, but I'm fine with that. My issue here is the need/desire/whatever to @ the person in question. It's goofy behavior and I think it makes us fans look bad.