Monday, May 22, 2017

WWE Backlash 2017 Thoughts: Nak, Breezango, AJ, And Jinder

This is not a full review, but I'm going to touch on all the issues listed in the title.  These are kind of the hot topics as I've seen them from Wrestling Twitter.

  • Jinder Mahal As WWE Champion--I like the move. I hear a lot of folks insinuating that this is only well-received because we are enjoying it ironically.  While I am having a bit of fun with it, and it doesn't hurt my feelings that some are SO bothered by it, there's nothing ironic about how I like this.

    Jinder is a fresh face to the main event scene, and I think some unpredictability like that is always needed in wrestling. His first and possibly only WWE Title run will be far more compelling than Randy Orton's 13th.

    Some say there's no story and I disagree. Jinder reached a breaking point and decided he was going to move up the card one way or another. He got in shape, recruited the Singh Brothers to have his back (that part is critical), and did whatever needed to get to the pinnacle. Seems simple and straight-forward enough for me.
    In-arena reaction isn't everything as I've said before, but the fact that the crowd responds to him is a big bonus. I see no issues with this push and am curious where we go from here. Literally anything can happen during his reign and I think that's a good thing.

  • Finish To AJ v Kevin Owens--People I respect love the finish. I didn't like it. I don't care that AJ didn't win the title. I don't care that AJ took a loss. The execution was lacking in my opinion and made him look like a chump more than it protected him.
  • Nakamura's Main Roster PPV Debut--Slightly disappointed in this. Why? I was in the camp that thought Nak was getting saddled with Dolph Ziggler because he was a name to slaughter. I was shocked the match went back and forth like it did. Obviously it won't matter in the long run, and Nak is going to be presented as something special on the main roster. Dolph Ziggler just isn't a guy I want to see in important matches.

  • Breezango's Antics--This was probably the most controversial match of the night. I love Breezango's shenanigans, and thought it fit for the goofball characters they've created. The Usos getting increasingly annoyed with them, and raining on their fun as well as the crowd's drew nice heat. I have no issue with it at all and think it was a heck of a lot of fun.

That's pretty much what struck a chord with me. The show was solid enough, no real complaints from me.