Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ignore These People

Saw some nonsense this morning that prompted me to share the following on Twitter.

These four individuals are people who add nothing of substance to any conversation. It baffles me that I continue to see people responding their blatant attempts to get attention. It plays right into their hands and is totally counterproductive.

Here's my issue with each in as few words as possible:

  • Vince Russo--This guy has nothing to offer in the way of meaningful analysis on wrestling in 2017. Every time I read some moronic statement of his I think, "Either he's dumb or he's trying to get a reaction. Either way, why should I care?"

  • Colin Cowherd--Pretty much the same thing, but Cowherd to me has some charm. Not so much that he's charming, but I can listen to him and be entertained for the most part even if I disagree. That said, still see no reason to respond to his obvious troll jobs.

  • Skip Bayless--Cowherd minus the charm. No redeeming value as a talking head whatsoever.

  • Paul Finebaum--The most controversial on this list I'm going to assume, but I just don't "get" the hype around this guy. I'm his target audience too, but I find his whole three-ring circus shtich to be tired and without value. As a Southern Football Fan, I feel he only solidifies the reputation that we have. Of course, it's not completely unwarranted, but it also makes the more reasonable of us look bad. No interest in this at all.

Trust me, I understand the touch of hypocrisy in this post, but if I can get just one of you to stop taking the bait with these clown shows it will be worth it.