Tuesday, January 10, 2017

WWE Live Event: Columbus, Ga. January 6, 2017 Reaction

We braved the sketchy winter weather and made our way 70 miles or so southwest to Columbus, Ga. for the Raw house show/live event last Friday.

I am glad for two things.  The main one was the weather behaved as we thought it would so the trip did not leave us stranded on the interstate or away from my wife and daughter.  The second thing was that I was glad I took the risk and made the show because we had a phenomenal time.

If you are not interested in hitting up a house show because "Nothing happens" or you'd like to save your money to put it towards a TV or PPV event, I'd recommend that you rethink that.

There is something simple, pure, and fun about a house show.  You get the stripped down presentation, clean finishes, a minimum of mic work, and just good ol' straight up wrestling.  It really is tons of fun.

Recapping the show just doesn't appeal to me, and I figure reading house show results probably doesn't do much for you so I'm going to share some of the high points here.  These are the things that I remember and are worth sharing in my opinion.  If you want the results they are right here thanks to Abbey Arthur at TopRopePress.com.  One note about those results, I'm 99.9% sure that Enzo & Cass were not in the Raw Tag Title match.  That is a mistake in their results listing.  It did help me to glance at that as I do not take notes while at a live show, it harms my enjoyment of the show itself.

  • We did miss the opening match or most of it as we were taking it slow due to the weather.  Because of that we did not get to see Gallows & Anderson, New Day, or Sheamus and Cesaro enter.  On top of that we only caught the end of that.  I would have loved to see how the crowd responded to New Day.

  • Sami Zayn cut a picture perfect babyface promo from backstage that basically said that no matter how many times Braun Strowman knocked him down, he'd get back up.  It sold the match for later nicely.  The match itself was basically Sami desperately trying to chop down the big guy and succeeding finally.  Braun ended up taking the win anyhow, but Sami was great as the plucky babyface.

  • Big Show accepting an open challenge after Bo Dallas lost in the 10 man tag was a fun treat.  He walked out to his music, knocked Bo out, and went backstage.

  • The crowd was very fired up for Sasha Banks, and Bayley in their 6 person tag match.  Rich Swann was a big hit defending his WWE Cruiserweight Title as well.  

  • Seth Rollins was over in a big way, and the crowd went MENTAL when Lana got tossed from his match against Rusev.

  • When Roman Reigns was mentioned earlier in the show he got some boos.  By the time the match rolled around they brought Kevin Owens out first who insulted the city, and said Stephanie told him that he would not defend the Universal Title.  He went on to say that Roman would have to defend his US Title.  All that managed to get the crowd back on Roman's side and his successful title defense was greeted warmly.

    It's funny, but Owens' heel shtick really works in that environment. It was more pointed, and it didn't come off like he was trying to pop the crowd at all. Even the headlock/chinlock spot was met with fans actively rooting for Roman to get back to his feet as opposed to the indifference you often see on TV.

    One really cool thing for the kids in the crowd was that after the match Roman went around to every person he could reach and greeted them. He took pictures with as many people who wanted them. I personally saw him grab the phone from a kid who was having trouble getting the picture right so he could fix it for him. Little things like that can certainly make the night of a young fan. For instance, my son wished that we could have gone down there.

I am sure I am forgetting something, and I may even come back and add it. This show was a blast and reminded me of all the things I love about pro-wrestling. I highly recommend hitting up a show. They are so different from the TV/PPV experience and I bet you'll enjoy it.