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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Roman Reigns And Terrible Royal Rumble Takes

Royal Rumble was a fantastic show.  There really was not a clunker on the show, we got an all-timer in AJ Styles v John Cena, Kevin Owens v Roman Reigns was excellent as well.

Now while I recognize the fact that we all have different tastes, opinions, etc. on wrestling and well everything, I was so taken aback by some of the senseless whining and complaining about this show that I shared the following Tweets.

Let's start with this one. I am the furthest thing from a "love it or leave it" type of guy. I just don't operate like that. I try, very hard, to understand where people are coming from when they criticize, analyze, and give their opinions on things.

That said, if your lasting impression of the Royal Rumble was that it was disappointing I really think you need to find a better way to spend your time than watching WWE programming.  Within the confines of what WWE has to offer and will offer, this was about as good of a show as I can imagine them putting on.

If you were dejected and disappointed by the end of it then I just don't think they can satisfy you and you need to go find a promotion that does.

Of course, I fully understand what the actual issue is here and it's something or someone you're probably tired of me talking about.  This Tweet sums it up...

Most of the anger and disappointment about that entire show boiled down to exactly one solitary thing, Roman Reigns entering as the 30th entrant in the Royal Rumble itself. There were a ton of factors at play here.

The most blatant one for me was that some of you seem to have some sort of psychological issue as it relates to Roman Reigns. The narrative you choose to follow as it relates to him has completely overshadowed your ability to logically and fairly look at the guy.

 Now I will be happy to look at some of your specific complaints here so I don't want you to think I'm just calling you a "hater."  Part of the issue was that people always expect and want the surprise entrants to be some cool nostalgia act, a big debut, or a big return. The names I heard were people wanted Kurt Angle or Finn Balor. Of course they wanted Kenny Omega, but we KNEW that wasn't happening already. Basically, y'all are mad because WWE did not deliver on something they never ever promised. On top of that, they sent out that "overpushed" Roman Reigns to "shove him down our throats" again.

Let's take a step back though and look what actually happened. Roman Reigns entering that Rumble accomplished the following things.

Most importantly, it kick started the rumored WrestleMania program between him and The Undertaker. I fear that match won't be that good, but it should be a good moment so I will go with that as a good thing.

The other thing it accomplished was all in Randy Orton's benefit. Randy Orton has crowd support no doubt, he's been really interesting since his return program with Brock Lesnar, and his inclusion in the Wyatt Family. With the expectations as they are in the Royal Rumble though I still tend to believe him winning would have fallen somewhat flat. You know what would have made it even worse? Had he had to eliminate Undertaker on his way to that victory. Do you know who took the heat for that? That's right kids, Roman Reigns.

Roman's inclusion for no other reason than that was brilliantly executed. The segments of that crowd that cannot stand the guy OR how he's pushed OR how he's Vince's boy OR whatever, were so invested in him being eliminated they were going to EXPLODE for whoever did the job.

Tying all this together, the really absurd thing here is that there are so many people who had their night RUINED because Roman Reigns appeared and lost TWICE. The guy you cannot stand, and unfairly malign constantly got beaten twice in one night and you still complain.

Stuff like this is why some of you get clowned so hard on Twitter. It's also the reason that WWE rightfully ignores some of their fanbase. Your takes are bad, your nitpicking is constant, and your complaint are nonsensical.

You are well within your rights to dislike the show. You always have been and always will be, but don't think that the rest of us are going to take your whining seriously. Like I said, if you were down in the dumps after the Royal Rumble because it was a massive disappointment then find something better to do with your time. If it's all because Vince McMahon keeps pushing the "Samoan Badass" then maybe you just need to take a deep breath and work through it. As a "reformed smark" I guarantee you might be happier for it if you just take a step back and keep things in perspective.

As always, this is just my two cents.