Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Purchases: Kevin Owens Elite 47

My Elite 47 Kevin Owens came in from Amazon today.  As usual, I was able to snag it for $19.99.  Only issue this time was the packaging had some wear and tear on it.

Overall with Amazon I've been fortunate.  Off the top of my head, both of my APA figures arrived in fine shape as did Harlem Heat, and all three AJ Styles figures.

The packaging on one of my Magnum TA figures was torn badly, and now this KO one has some minor issues.

I am pleased with this one though.  The Universal Title looks sharp and as was suggested on Twitter, even the table that comes with it really adds something to the figure.  I am not the biggest Kevin Owens fan, but this is a great looking figure.  I am glad I grabbed it.

Ignore my hand reflection on the packaging there.  At least I kept my ugly mug out of it.

More pics after the jump...