Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Purchases: Harlem Heat Elites

This post has been kind of held because I had so many New Purchases posts at one time I thought we needed a break.  I purchased Elite 46 Booker T & Stevie Ray a couple of weeks ago for MSRP.

They are really sharp looking figures, and I was glad to get a Mattel version of Harlem Heat Booker T for sure.

I hate to say I was kind of on the fence about Stevie Ray, but thought it was fitting to have both in matching attires to complete the tag team.  Some Christmas money was used too so that eased some of the concern.

These found their way to my wall faster than most.  I am actually caught up and have gotten all my recent carded purchases up there.  A few were in my living room, and I had a stack in the bonus room as well.