Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Purchase For My Son: Magnum TA

Got up this morning and did some early-morning toyspotting at the Newnan, Ga. Walmart. Was hoping to find the three-packs or the WWE Retros, but I didn't. What I did find there was another Magnum TA figure. Now I already have one in the package and one opened up at home from Amazon.

I typically wouldn't have any reason to buy another, but my son told me he wanted one. Since we just got through Christmas I told him about the $10 deal on Amazon and said if he wanted to buy it, he could have it.  Unfortunately, by the time I went to place the order for him the figures had all gone back up to somewhere around their typical price.  Magnum TA was actually $22 even.

At that price, my boy did not want to pull the trigger which I totally respect.  I intended to just wait it out and see if I could catch a deal, but when I went to Walmart this morning and saw it sitting there for $17.97 or whatever exactly it is I figured I should grab it.

Again, you may wonder why and I thought about what motivated me here.

For one, it didn't sit well with me that I had gotten him so excited about buying one with his money only to pull the rug out from under him.  He is still going to have to buy this one, but I'm going to eat the $7 difference.

Two, I like the idea of spending some of my toyspotting funds on the old-school figures like Magnum TA.  I hope that Mattel continues to drop figures like this one in their lines and buying three of them can't hurt, right?

Really the biggest reason is this and it is sappy.  I have no idea what my son will do as it relates to action figures.  He'll probably be like most kids and just outgrow it.  In that case I've joked that I look forward to inheriting his figures.

On the other hand, what if he becomes a collector like me?  I liked the idea that maybe, just maybe, he'd have that figure when he's older.  Maybe he looks at it and this plastic version of a guy whose career was cut painfully short reminds him not only of Magnum TA, but also his father.

Likely, it will just be a figure and I get that, but I couldn't pass the opportunity in case it ended up being more than that to him.

Being a collector isn't just about having what are useless things, it's also about what they represent and that's part of the reason I do what I do.