Friday, December 2, 2016

What's Your Gimmick?

I hope no one is turned off by the title here because I'd like to be clear about having "gimmicks" sucks.  In this case what I am referring to is this question.

So I did not take it as if he's asking what type of gimmick you're working. I looked at it and responded from the standpoint of, "What would people associate with you based on your Twitter activity?'

After briefly pondering I came up with the following:
  • Anti-Smark--A lot of the talking points from that crowd turn me off. I thought more about it and added that Reformed Smark is probably a better term. I used to be like that (as it relates to positions/beliefs/tone), but have changed my tune over the years.

  • Pro-Roman Reigns--Obviously, he's my dude. Him and AJ Styles are my two favorite current WWE Superstars.

  • Pro-WWE--This is not to say I agree with everything they do or that I'm not critical. It is to say I don't think Vince McMahon killed the busines and 99% of my wrestling watching falls under the WWE umbrella. I'm a charter WWE Network subscriber for example and want it to succeed. This goes back to my Reformed Smark nature as well, I don't nitpick everything they do to absolute death.

    That's what I mean by this.

After the fact I thought I might should mention that I'm a WCW guy who likes 80s wrestling, but I don't really talk that much on Twitter at this moment.

It was an interesting discussion and I enjoyed reading what people said as well as contemplating how I viewed some of these folks.

If you'd like to share your "gimmick" leave it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling).

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