Friday, December 30, 2016

John Cena Versus Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 33?

I am going to do the exact thing I joked that I was going to do last night on Twitter.  That is use the method that so many sites use now where they basically just "write a story" about some interaction on Twitter.  What I am going to try to do here though is give you enough of my opinion on this that it is worth your time.  That is, this isn't a "newz" piece that is simply sharing a Tweet and giving you two lines of text to justify it.

If you have not seen it yet John Cena fired off a Tweet directed at Roman Reigns that seemed a bit odd.  I mean you have the undeniable face of WWE sniping at the guy who is supposed to be his heir apparent.  Before I share Cena's Tweet, here is the context you will need to understand it.

Because of this Wrestling Twitter immediately started talking about the idea that Cena's Tweet could be a hint towards a WrestleMania 33 match between him and Reigns.  The fact that the Tweet was sent from the weight room of Roman Reigns college alma mater only added to that vibe.

Oddly enough, we were discussing the options for Cena and Reigns yesterday.  The main point of discussion is whether WWE should be working toward Cena v Undertaker or Cena v Reigns at Mania 33.

In my mind, time is running out on Cena/Taker so you really need to pull the trigger on that this year.  That also gives you another year to get Reigns presented in a way that will maximize Reigns/Cena down the road.

OTOH, once the idea of Cena/Reigns match at Mania 33 in Orlando (that I will be in the building for) was floated I turned into Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

I did float the idea that either Reigns v Cena or Reigns v Taker could be a winner for Reigns among the usual suspects as he could put on a great match and losing might actually help his rep with that segment of the fanbase.  Several people feel, and probably rightly so, that trying to appease that segment of the fanbase is a fool's errand.  That is probably true.

Since I'm arguing both sides of it, what would I do?  I'd do Cena v Undertaker this year.  People want it, the lack of The Streak makes it slightly less interesting, but it is one of the few big time dream matches they have right now and it involves a guy that has to be eyeing retirement even from a match a year schedule.

What does waiting buy us?  Aside from giving us Cena v Taker, I think it gives WWE a better opportunity to build Roman correctly.  Fully commit to The Guy character he had from Mania 32 until his suspension this year.  Touch on that arrogant aspect of his personality a bit more and reboot him more as a guy who knows he is The Guy and doesn't have much concern about what the face of the WWE has to say about him.  He doesn't have to go full heel, not at all.  He just needs to tap into that thing that makes him work better than white knight, clean cut babyface that they've tried to force him to be.

No matter what they do, I'm glad it's Rumble season and I am FIRED UP! that I will be in Orlando to witness WrestleMania 33.  If WWE manages to rehab Roman Reigns even further that's even better for me.

UPDATE: Roman responded on Twitter.  I like this beef.