Thursday, October 27, 2016

Random Thoughts On WWE

Haven't been too active here as I've been busy, and there hasn't been anything lately I thought I just HAD to talk about.  Figured it was about time to take a look at what's going on right now and share some thoughts on WWE's programming.

First focus will be this weekend's Raw exclusive PPV, Hell In A Cell, but I'll look at some other things as well.

Let's dig in...

  • Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens for the Universal Title--I like both of these guys, I'm glad to see KO get bumped up the card a bit.  This feud just has no juice so far as I'm concerned.  I think a lot of it has to do with how they turned Seth Rollins (not bringing him back as a face was huge miscalculation) and how he's scripted very similarly to Roman Reigns as a face.  The good news there is it backs up my point that the way WWE handles their top faces is more of an issue than the talents themselves.  Jericho has been the most consistently interesting thing in this feud and that's a problem.

  • Charlotte Flair v Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Title--Like most, I'm kind of watching this match with one eye on the screen as I fear there will be yet another misguided bump taken by Sasha Banks.  This match should be excellent AND I'm ready to move on to something else with this division. 

  • Rusev v Roman Reigns for the US Title--This has a little more juice than Rollins/KO if for no other reason I think there's a little more fire here being shown by both men.  I'm a huge Roman Reigns fan so I am more inclined to be excited about this anyway.  I'm certain Rusev and Reigns will deliver here.

  • Chris Jericho and The List of Jericho--I was ready to write Jericho off when he returned.  I was wrong, well half wrong, I still don't want to see him wrestle, but he has been wildly entertaining lately.  The List of Jericho slays me each time.  That guy has been gold on the mic and with his character work.  Good job out of him and remember this if you think I never admit that I was wrong about anything.

  • Raw Tag Team Division--Feels like we are spinning our wheels just waiting for New Day to break Demolition's record. That's unfortunate because I like the teams they have, but everything feels kind of predictable now.  I hope that things get shaken up once New Day secures the longest tag title reign. 

  • Raw in General--I missed most of this week's episode and was told I missed nothing.  The previous two weeks were pretty good by Raw's standards, but the three hours is a real problem for me.  It just makes event the decent Raws feel like a chore to watch. 

  • SmackDown in General--OTOH, SD is a much lighter, quicker, more tightly focused show.  Everything feels like it has a purpose even if it's this James Ellsworth stuff.  If it's a bit off, you've only invested two hours which is a much easier pill to swallow.

  • AJ Styles--I knew he had it in him to perform like this, but it's still impressive to see him go from the Church of Southern Wrestling in Cornelia, GA to Japan to WWE and thrive like he has.  As always, he's a Phenomenal talent.

  • Dean Ambrose--It's a tale of two Deans really.  The Dean that feuds with John Cena has an edge and I can get behind.  The one who is goofing around with AJ Styles and James Ellsworth is over-the-top in a bad way and hard to take seriously.  I stand by my Fonz comparison

WWE still has my attention, but I wish it was a little hotter right now.  Without Roman Reigns, and Rusev I'd just about be able to tune out of Raw altogether even though there are other guys I really like on the show as well.  That's a bad sign, but I'm hoping they deliver a quality show Sunday night with Hell In A Cell.

SmackDown is much more compelling right now and I hope they keep it up.  That show is a much better example of what a wrestling show should be than the flagship is right now.