Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mattel WWE Figures At Ringside Fest 13

Ringside Fest 13 is here and with it we have a great look at a bunch of new Mattel WWE figures. currently has two links up and I like the format of their articles because you can just scroll from top to bottom and see everything.

These are the figures that I am definitely adding to my Wishlist, but there's a ton of other great figures that interest me there:

There's a ton of other great figures though such as that Elite Cactus Jack, Elite Finn Balor (Balor Club look, not The Demon), Wild Samoans, American Alpha, The Revival, The Usos (looks like Bloodline Usos to me), Elite Asuka, Elite Nakamura, and Elite Legend Killer Randy Orton.

I'm willing to bet a couple of those honorable mentions end up on my Buy list before it's over with.