Friday, September 9, 2016

Mattel WWE Elite Series 45: MOC and Loose

Ringside Collectibles finally got Elite 45 and the series looks as sharp as it did when we saw it at SDCC. This is the first series that I have wanted to purchase by the case since Elite 38, but I won't be doing that.

As a matter of fact I will probably only get that Seth Rollins in the white gear. I am passing on Roman Reigns because I want that TRU Exclusive WrestleMania 32 Roman Reigns with the gold accented gear.  I also have two Roman Elites already and a Basic that I got out of the package. 

The Dudleyz would be great to have, but I think if I'm going to pull the trigger on them I may do it in the Battle Pack instead. I prefer Elites, but since they are a tag team I kind of would prefer to have them in the package together. It also saves me a couple of bucks which unfortunately matters as it relates to my figure collecting.

Luger is kind of in the same boat as Roman, I have liked both the Elite Lugers they've released, but I am holding out for a WCW Nitro Luger as opposed to All-American or The Narcissist.

The Regal figure is excellent, but it's not one I would purchase, but wouldn't mind having if I ordered the whole set.

Another great set, I love it.  I wish I could buy more of them.