Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Make New Day Look Strong"

The origin of this post title should be obvious, but have you noticed that The New Day has been given a push that would make Roman Reigns blush?  Their title reign feels like it will never end, and at this point I cannot say that I any longer care about their run or the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships at this point.  

The prevailing thought is that part of the purpose is for them to surpass Demolition's record reign kind of like the Nikki Bella/AJ Lee situation some time back.  Honestly, that doesn't bother me.  Some call it petty and I can see that, but if they want to do that type of stuff more power to them i suppose.  

My issue is that the reign is just not compelling in any way at this point.  I've never been a fan of the long reigns that folks clamor for in 2016 because in my opinion it is difficult to make them interesting.  In theory I completely understand why people feel that long reigns make titles feel more important, but I think that concept is overrated to a degree.  A long reign does not necessarily make for a good reign.

In  the case of The New Day, this thing has run its course.  The New Day is still entertaining, but them being champions just does not matter to me at all.  I am looking forward to when we can shake up the tag scene on Raw a bit, but from what I understand we are at least three months away from that.  To me, that's a shame.