Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chris Jericho Is On Fire...

It's been established that I am not a huge Chris Jericho fan.  I never have been really.  He's one of those guys that I feel has been overrated for a large part of his career.  I loudly and often asked to get him off my TV during his last few WWE runs.

All that said, Jericho has been bringing it lately sort of.  What I mean by "sort of" is that I still have just about zero interest in seeing him wrestle, but his character work has been absolutely on point.

His pairing with Kevin Owens has been entertaining and always makes me think of this.  The "Stupid Idiot," "The List, " and "IT" stuff has been hilarious as well.

So I say all of this to praise Chris Jericho since I've been hard on him in the past, to acknowledge there is still a gulf between his character and in-ring work, and basically to show you that I'm not completely inflexible as it relates to my opinions on things.

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