Friday, August 12, 2016

WWE 2K17 Features Revealed

In addition to the second (?) Suplex City Census, which I have not added to my Google Sheet yet, we now have some information on the features available in WWE 2K17.

They are promising changes to the core gameplay which sound promising. I liked the feel of WWE 2K16 though so I cannot say I am clamoring for radical changes. It sounds like you will at least have the option to switch your submission system. Something my son wanted appears to be making a return which is the ability to taunt on ladders, turnbuckles, etc. if I'm reading this right.

The most controversial change is that 2K is eliminating the 2K Showcase this year. They suggest they are doing it because of the lack of availability of too much of Brock Lesnar's history (Kurt Angle being the biggest omission, maybe?). This doesn't personally affect me as I don't think I ever even played last year's, but it's a big selling point in general I believe.

Universe Mode and MyCareer are still in there though and they are promising even better experiences with both.

As always I am looking forward to this one and the only thing that impacts my excitement is what the full roster looks like once revealed.