Thursday, August 11, 2016

Early Thoughts On The Brand Split

We are only a couple of weeks into WWE's second attempt at a brand split and I think it's time to kind of look at where we are.  I think the easiest way to kind of take a look at this is to give it my usual bullet point treatment as opposed to write some big cohesive piece. 

I write like that typically because I am not terribly creative.  I am certainly not a writer, but I do like talking about wrestling.  Despite what some may claim, I even have opinions about wrestling.

All that said, let's dive in.

  • Avoiding Overexposure--My favorite aspect of the brand split is simply that when I finish Raw I know I won't see those wrestlers again until next Monday.  To me, that works much better than having everyone on Raw and then them treading water on SmackDown until we get back to Raw. 

    Splitting the rosters also creates opportunity for people who are kind of simmering right under that main event scene.  It's too early to tell if anyone really goes get the JBL push out of the split, but the opportunity is there. 

    It makes SmackDown far more desirable to watch for me as there aren't spoilers floating around, but more to this point I have to watch it if I want to see AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton to name a few. 

  • The Title Situation--Most of the angst about the split is about whether to create new titles or not.  I already talked about this at length, but I have no issue with each brand having a full set of titles.  There's enough talent in WWE to support it. 

    As for how they introduced the WWE Universal Championship, what they went with was infinitely better than what we mostly expected.  Instead of coming up with some suspiciously coincidental way of justifying the new strap, they just said, "We've got the power to make one and it only makes sense for Raw to have one."  Works for me.  As for people worrying about the legitimacy of this new belt, I think they have it right by giving SmackDown the WWE Title.  Why?  The new belt being on Raw just kind of automatically makes it feel important especially with that stacked roster.

    If it were up to me it wouldn't even be a discussion at this point, both brands have a top title, secondary title, women's title, and tag title. 

  • Authority Figures--Speaking of authority figures, they've been on screen a lot, but I think for the most part they are nice sizzle to the product.  The overreaching storyline revolves around them, but at least it isn't Stone Cold v Mr. McMahon, Daniel v The Authority, or especially Roman v The Authority. 

The brand split is working for me.  I don't get all the negativity about it, but then again I've grown tired of all the negativity in general.  This stuff is supposed to be entertainment.  I mean I have been the stereotypical old school IWC angry fan.  That's just tiresome to me at this point.  Yet somehow it seems to me that some folks think the angrier they are about something it means the more correct they are.  I disagree, but then again you do you I guess.