Friday, July 22, 2016

Mattel WWE Elite Series 45

SDCC is still in full swing and there is entirely too many cool WWE figures coming from Mattel.  I am going to wait to try to compile some more of this news as it's kind of hard right now to even tell which series some of these figures are part of, etc.

One that is completely clear at this point is Elite Series 45 which includes:

  1. Bubba Ray Dudley
  2. D-Von Dudley
  3. Lex Luger (Narcissist)
  4. Lord Steven Regal (WCW)
  5. Roman Reigns
  6. Seth Rollins

It's weird because this is a great series AND I may not get any of them.  The closest one to a must-have is that Rollins in the white gear with WWE Title.  I really like that Reigns too, but it looks like a WrestleMania 32 one is coming too.  Since I can't really justify getting both, I'm going to get that Mania one.  The Dudley Boyz are really nice and I'd like to get them, but in order to save a couple of $$$ I think I may pick up the Battle Pack instead (if at all).  Regal is a great looking figure, but just doesn't make the cut.  I passed on All American Lex Luger and I like this one, but I am really looking for a WCW Monday Nitro Luger with ponytail even if it's a Wolfpac one in the jeans.  They've done a great job on Luger figures, but they just haven't made the look I want most yet.