Friday, July 8, 2016

Kevin Durant Leaving OKC To Join Golden State

So I have been pondering this Durant to Golden State thing for a couple of days now.  At this point, I think I have some takes on the situation.  Unsurprisingly, you'll find them lukewarm at best because I am not one to get too worked up about this stuff.  Here's my two cents on the situation and I'd be interested to hear other perspectives as well.

Let's get a couple of things out of the way first.  I am the definition of a casual basketball fan.  I don't know the game at a technical level.  I never played organized ball.  I don't follow the NBA outside of the Atlanta Hawks until the playoffs.  I am a LeBron James fan.

That last point is critical here because I need to give this some context.  When LeBron did The Decision I thought it was tacky as it could be.  I know he raised money for a good cause, but before he chose Miami my position was, "If he's leaving Cleveland this is a cruel way to do it."  Did the fans in Cleveland overreact?  Yes.  Did LeBron get more "hate" for that than he deserved?  Yes.  Did I enjoy seeing that Heat team with The Big 3 get beat by the Mavs for the NBA Title?  Yes. 

Did I get over all of that and pay LeBron James respect when the Miami Heat won and he got his first ring?  Yes.  That's the moment when I let all that negative energy go and started to become a fan of LeBron James.  Him deciding to come back to Cleveland only made me more of a fan.

That's the backdrop so let's get to Kevin Durant.  Does the idea that the biggest free agent in the NBA joined the Golden State Warriors sit well with me?  Not really.  There's something not quite right to me about a guy of the caliber of KD going to a team where he may not even be the best player.  Would I have had an issue had he landed in a place where he was the undisputed best player?  Not at all. 

Here's the important part, do I respect Durant's right to make this call?  Absolutely.  Do I think he is suddenly a bad guy because of it?  Absolutely not.  Beyond all that I've listened to the dude speak about it and I really respect his straight-forward handling of the situation. 

The guy seems to be about as honest and candid as you would want an athlete to be. 

In general, I think it's time to take a step back and relax as it relates to the situations.  I am not crying for these players (or owners) as they are all exceedingly well-compensated to deal with this nonsense, but as a fan the anger shown these guys has started to grow tiresome to me.

That's my take.