Monday, June 27, 2016

Started playing WWE 2K16 again

The WWE 2K17 cover is supposed to be revealed today which is always exciting as silly as that sounds.

My son and I have been playing a ton of WWE 2K16 lately and I really like that game.  My experience with it is like it is every year.  I pre-order it and buy all the DLC.  I play it obsessively for a month or two, take a break, and then come back for more.

Right now we are in the "back for more" stage and it has been a blast.  For example, I have started playing as Shawn Michaels a good bit recently.  Last night I did a Last Man Standing Match between him and Batista.  This was inspired by that Michaels/Batista beef after Michaels retired Flair at WrestleMania 24.

I won, of course, but I realized after the match that it essentially ended up being a Young Bucks Superkick Party.  Good times.

With Roman Reigns I finally figured out how to Spear someone through a table which is great fun.  I tried to do the same thing with a ladder, but that did not work.

After watching the Tully Blanchard v Magnum TA Steel Cage I Quit match from Starrcade '85, my son asked to create a Magnum on the game.  I gave it a whirl, but ultimately downloaded one from Community Creations instead and that guy did a solid job.

The WWE games are lot of fun and I look forward to them every year.  I hope WWE 2K17 keeps the vibe and feel of this year's game because it felt a lot more like a wrestling sim than it has in the past.

As always, I am looking forward to the full roster reveal.  I hope they have some solid surprises in store.