Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quick Thoughts: Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose

Trying to get the creative juices flowing here.  I am still following WWE very closely, but I just have not felt compelled to write much about it here in a little while.

The reasons for this are varied, but some of it has to do with the repetitive nature of the programming.  More of it has to do with working, spending time with family, spending time at church, etc.

All that said, I wanted to share some quick thoughts on a variety of issues in WWE right now just to let folks know where I stand and hopefully to get some conversation started.  I also felt it may help me get back into the groove of doing what I do here at South Atlanta Wrestling which in large part is give opinions on the current WWE product.  I will likely do several of these over the next few days touching on two or three issues a piece.

This on focuses on...The Shield: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose and where they are right now in WWE.

  • Roman Reigns--It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the guy.  Character-wise he's been on fire since the Raw after WrestleMania 32 where they gave him a soft reboot into more of a tweener role.

    The mic work is greatly improved and he seems to have found "his voice" with material that is better suited for him.  I have had folks tell me I'm crazy, but I think he comes across as authentic on the mic.  I do not get the sense that he's a guy playing a part.  The bit at the end of his Ambrose Asylum appearance with Seth Rollins is an example of that.

    The ring work has been on point for a while although some refuse to believe that. 

  • Seth Rollins--It looks like Seth Rollins is setup for a much better run than his Authority sponsored run as The Man last year.  Beating Roman Reigns relatively cleanly (after Roman's visual pin of him during the ref bump) at Money in the Bank is encouraging.

    His biggest issue right now is that they are forcing him into a heel role that the crowd doesn't really buy.  Folks want to cheer him so let them I figure.  It's kind of the New Day scenario as it played out before they finally turned.  Arenas liked them a lot, but WWE forced them into seeking cheap heat to turn the crowd against them.  All they really accomplished was kind of deadening the crowd in general.

    It was counterproductive with New Day and it's counterproductive with Seth Rollins.  Hopefully, there's a double-turn with him and Roman before too long as both would be better served in those new alignments.

  • Dean Ambrose--"Uncle Deano" is an interesting case.  Let me lead with, "I like Dean Ambrose."  Yeah, I like Dean Ambrose a lot.  The reason I say it that way though is some of this is going to sound a touch harsh.

    Dean is great in that people just absolutely love the guy.  Unlike Roman, Dean gets a full-on face pop when he enters the arena.  He has this intangible quality to him that has garnered him almost universal support from the audience.  All this sounds great, right?

    My issue is that Dean (likely through no fault of his own) comes across as way to over-the-top on the mic.  The charisma works for him I guess, but he's too hammy for my personal tastes.  Beyond that, I think Dean is clearly the third best of The Shield as it relates to in-ring work right now in 2016. 

    Fans "hate" Roman, but you'll hear them come around a bit to him during his matches.  Fans "love" Dean and he gets a nice pop and then they sit on their hands for his matches.  A guy with Dean's unique charm and Roman's in-ring work would be The Perfect Guy honestly.  As it stands I like Dean a lot, but I think he is in a lot of ways overrated by the same folks who think AJ and Seth "carried" Roman Reigns.

That's it for now.  I am glad to see The Shield guys in the spotlight right now.  Continuing to focus on these three going forward is a very attractive proposition.

The New Era totally works for me.  With some minor tweaking I think they could take things from "pretty interesting" to "absolutely incredible."