Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Concise WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Reaction

It was a top heavy show.

Cena v AJ delivered even though the interference to give AJ the win fell kind of flat.

Rusev taunting the O'Neil children was incredible.

Money in the Bank match had some crazy stuff. Thought either KO or Dean would win and had no issue with Dean's victory.

Rollins v Reigns wasn't as good as the two Reigns v AJ matches. I was surprised to see Roman lose the strap so early, but by Tuesday that made more sense with several claiming they knew about the suspension before the PPV. I was also surprised how relatively clean Rollins' victory was, but again that goes back to the suspension I am guessing. Dean cashing-in was really cool in that I'd rather have that moment than the show ending with Rollins (mostly cleanly) beating Roman.

It setup a whole bunch of interesting directions and the only negative is again the suspension.