Sunday, May 22, 2016

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results and Review

Doing a real-time WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results and Review post here. As usual I will look at the matches in a reverse order. The match at the top of the post is the most current one.

Also, as usual, if you want a more thorough look at the show last night here is DOT NET's Kickoff Show and Extreme Rules live reviews by Jason Powell.  

On to the show...
  • AJ Styles v Roman Reigns (c) for the WWE Title--After two consecutive stinkers it is up to two of my favorites, AJ and Roman, to save this show for us.  I think they can do it.

    They did it.  Tons of carnage, tons of near falls (which Roman Reigns executed perfectly), Roman Reigns looking AJ Styles look like a million bucks (and vice-versa of course).  Even the extracurriculars with The Club and The Usos works perfectly here and makes the near falls even more believable.  The Phenomenal Forearm countered with a Spear ended it and it was perfect. 

    Then things got really wild as Seth Rollins interrupts Roman Reigns' celebration and Pedigrees him right in the middle of the ring and got a hero's welcome of course.  (Winner..and STILL WWE Champion: The Guy Roman Reigns)
  • Natalya v Charlotte (c) for the Womens Title--I think the Asylum match broke me because I cannot get into this one at all.  It was competent I suppose...until they made Natalya look like a huge moron.  She's got Charlotte in the Sharpshooter, Ric Flair's music hits, Natalya releases the hold claiming she has won due to the stipulation regarding Flair.  We finally see someone who is most definitely not Ric Flair (Dana Brooke in a wig wearing Flair gear) and some things happen until Natalya loses.  Like I said, I try not to nitpick too much, but Natalya looks like a complete and utter goon by releasing that hold like that.  Terrible.... (Winner..and STILL Womens Champion: Charlotte)
  • Dean Ambrose v Chris Jericho--This is the worst match I recall seeing in a long while.  When I say worst I mean between two folks who should be expected to put on a reasonably entertaining match.  The whole Asylum gimmick did not help at all.  As a matter of fact it hurt it because they went and retrieved each weapon.  The match was beyond tedious and reading Twitter was far more entertaining.  Absolutely awful and the cherry on the top of the awful sundae was Jericho taking a tack bump at the end of that snoozer.

    Only redeeming quality of this match was the right guy won, but as much as I like Ambrose he's been involved in some really boring matches lately.  (Winner: Dean Ambrose)
  • Kevin Owens v Cesaro v Sami Zayn v The Miz (c) w/ Maryse for the IC Title--I will go ahead and tell you that I hate tower of doom spots.  This match had one of those, but the rest of it more than made up for it.  Great effort out of everyone here and if my Twitter TL is any indication it was pretty much universally praised. 

    I liked the end where Zayn losing his temper sent him after Owens and that allowed The Miz the win.  The Miz was awesome here as was everyone else, but The Miz is on point in everything he does right now.  Adding Maryse to the act has been perfection.  (Winner...and STILL IC Champion: The Miz)
  • The Vaudevillains v The New Day (c) for the Tag Team Titles--I like the Vaudevillain gimmick a lot more than most and was kind of hoping to see them get the win here as I don't know what else you do with The New Day as champions at this point. 

    Highlights here were English's counter on Big E's suicide spear attempt and then Big E hitting it later.  In yet another example of why the whole heel/face concept is dated, Kofi (the New Day member not in the match) got involved to give Xavier the pin.  There was a late pin attempt by the Vaudes that I thought might actually get the job done too.  (Winners...and STILL Tag Team Champions: The New Day)

  • Rusev v Kalisto (c) for the US Title--Lots of awkward spots in this one.  The ending was a little confusing because they played it like Kalisto had a legit back injury with the doctor checking on him.  Rusev continued to try to inflict punishment on him as the referee kept him away.  Then Rusev locked in a vicious looking Accolade and got the submission victory.  (Winner..and NEW US CHAMPION: Rusev)

  • Gallows & Anderson v The Usos--The Usos got a lot of boos unsurprisingly.  Much like Roman they are showing an edge and rushed Gallows & Anderson during their entrance which worked for me as it gets this thing over as something other than four dudes just wrestling each other for no reason.

    Decent action here with the tornado tag stipulation, I liked the hot start to the match as I already mentioned.  The right guys won here obviously and I hope this helps against the "Gallows & Anderson have been buried" nonsense.  They went for the angle I expected with teasing injuries to The Usos so they won't be able to help Roman at the end of the show.  The G&A theme song still isn't growing on me.  (Winners: Gallows & Anderson

  • Baron Corbin v Dolph Ziggler (Pre-Show)--Not as convincing a win as I think Baron Corbin needed here especially with the stipulation.  It was pretty clearly there just to justify the blatant low blow.  The right guy got the win, but I would have really had him brutalize Ziggler.  (Winner: Baron Corbin)

  • The Dudleyz v Big Cass segment (Pre-Show)--This was not an official match.  The Dudleyz cut a promo, Cass interrupted with his own promo. Dudleyz beat on him until he rallied and walked out getting the best of the conflict.  Big Cass has a solid delivery when he's on the mic, but the content he is given is terrible.  For some reason people seem to be willing to overlook that though.  Crowd was way into him.
Really hard show to rate because the highs were highs (Reigns/Styles, IC Title 4-Way), but the lows were low (Asylum Match, Womens Title Match). By the end of it I was really pleased with the show as the thing I looked the most forward to did deliver in the main event. Rollins' return was an awesome moment, but honestly I'd just as soon had that come on Raw.