Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wrestling Through a Child's Eyes

My family at SmackDown in ATL
Last night after I finished cutting the grass and messing with one of our toilets I finally got to sit down for a few minutes. My son, who will be nine this month, loves WWE. He typically does not get to watch all of Raw unless there's no school the next day or whatever. I try to show him stuff I think will enjoy from the DVR or computer as I can.

I knew he needed to see the end of the main event on Raw and more importantly the post-match shenanigans. I fired up the clip from WWE's YouTube page and showed it to him starting with AJ being offered the chair to take out Roman Reigns. Since I enjoyed this segment so much I hoped he would to and he certainly did.

That isn't really the point here though. The point of this piece is to take a moment and appreciate how cool it is to see the business through the eyes of a young fan. A young fan who isn't yet jaded and cynical like most of us are. I've obviously noticed it before, but last night I appreciated it just a little more than usual.

In this specific case I got the biggest kick out of how he reacted to Roman Reigns witnessing AJ Styles waffle both Usos with a chair. As the camera allowed us to see Roman rising up you could hear my son kind of let out an, "Uh..." as he realized the AJ was going to pay for that. He then let out a "OHHHHH!" when Roman Superman Punched Styles.

His excitement was sincere, he was caught up in the moment, and it was everything that makes wrestling great. It really is a shame that we cannot go back to that place as adults because the look of pure excitement that washed over him as he watched this unfold was...priceless.

I think to a large degree this whole thing is one of the reasons I enjoyed this WrestleMania 32 replay ad so much.  It captures that look of excitement from a younger fan's perspective and it reminded me of my son.