Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WrestleMania in Atlanta

No, this is not going to be reflection of WrestleMania 27, which was held in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome.  Don't worry. 

As I'm writing this entry, the city of Atlanta was awarded Super Bowl 53, to be held in 2019 at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium that's going to open up in 2017.  Now yes, this is wrestling blog, so why am I talking about this now on this blog?

It's simple.  With this new stadium opening up and with the Super Bowl, the College Football Playoff finals looking to be held here, it's time to start thinking about starting a bid to try to get Atlanta a WrestleMania again.  And why not Atlanta? 

Atlanta is a wrestling town.  Plain and simple.  The last WrestleMania in Atlanta showed it can legitimately draw, doing a legitimate sellout, and more importantly for the city of Atlanta, drawing over 80 million dollars in revenue for the city itself for business such as restaurants, hotels, local transportation, all that good jazz. 

Now my big reasoning for getting WrestleMania back to Atlanta isn't just for the benefit for the city itself, but the independent wrestling promotions in Georgia itself.  There are a lot of great talent and promotions in the state of Georgia that just has not been noticed by enough people.  And WrestleMania weekend is a great time to showcase that.  And my plan for them, is the minute WrestleMania for Atlanta is announced, all the major Georgia promotions need to immediately start planning on running shows here. 

And in my opinion, they need to run their shows in relative proximity to the Atlanta area.  Sure there are fans willing to make the drive, but you can't run too far away from where WrestleMania is running.  No more than say and hour and half away.

You're going to have the Ring of Honor, the EVOLVE, etc running here, but why not try to get some of that audience as well?  Let the fans see your product, let them get hooked, give them a reason to come to your home venues and watch your product?  Why not Georgia? 

I'm dead serious when I say, I this project to happen.  I want to get WrestleMania back to Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz Stadium, but more importantly, if we can get WrestleMania here, I want to get the local promotions to plan shows in the area, let's show the world what Georgia has, let's show them why scouts look at our talent base and get them to go to the WWE's, the ROH's, the TNA's and the New Japan's of the world!