Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Family v The Club: An Idea

As I was driving around this morning I pondered how they should continue this AJ/The Club v Roman/The Family deal.  Now I don't really fantasy book, but I thought this basic idea would work.

I have always wanted this to lead to at least a brief Shield reunion so based on where we are now I would do the following...

  • AJ refuses The Club's help and loses to Reigns at Extreme Rules.  They may get involved, but kind of like when he tossed the chair aside he won't go as far as The Club wants.  

  • This causes Gallows & Anderson to turn on AJ.  My setup kind of works better if AJ takes some time off at this point.

  • A new, more ruthless member joins The Club and they take out The Usos.  During this period of time they also continue to lay waste to Reigns repeatedly.

  • Roman tries to go One v All, but eventually has to call in his boys in to even the score.

There you have it, that's it. The biggest issue is that I don't know what you do with AJ while The Club takes on The Shield, but that's how I'd like to see it play out.