Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roman Reigns Discussion: Money In The Bank Poster; Just One Spear

As a huge fan of Roman Reigns I find myself in a lot of discussions that center around "The Guy."  A lot of these discussions are fun and interesting.  Luckily, it seems that a lot of folks have started to come around to Reigns as well.

There is, however, another group that clings to old narratives, and just generally makes observations that I just cannot grasp.  A couple of these were floating around the last few days and I felt like I should tackle them.

For the record I think the portrayal of Roman Reigns as sort of a tweener champion that started the day after WrestleMania 32 has been perfect.  This is the Roman

The most insane one was the reaction I read to the Money In The Bank poster.  The poster itself looks awesome as you can see at that link.  At the risk of responding far too seriously to a joke, I saw this nonsense yesterday.

In the interest of being transparent I will add that these guys have me blocked for some reason. Without looking, I believe they did not like me challenging some of their tired takes on Roman Reigns.  If I thought they were just making a dumb joke I wouldn't have bothered responding.  The problem is that if you look at the rest of their Tweets you can pretty clearly see that they still buy into the ridiculous "Make Roman Look Strong" meme and for whatever reason don't understand what that poster conveys.

It is clearly depicting the WWE World Heavyweight Champion extending the challenge for you to take this briefcase and face him.  It's a clever poster.

Now and actual funny take I saw on this was that Roman Reigns is the absolute last guy who would want to have anything to do with the Money In The Bank briefcase after being victimized by it multiple times.

The other one that has really gotten me since Extreme Rules is the "It only took one Spear" crowd.  This one is hilarious in a number of ways.  One, on rewatch I remembered that Roman did Spear AJ outside the ring just before The Club showed up.  So in that regard it wasn't even "just one Spear."

Two, we want finishers to matter, but when Roman's Spear is built up to be a finisher of all finishers we are mad about that.

Three, AJ Styles absorbed a ton of punishment throughout that match and still had the match won after that Styles Clash on the chair.  IF whichever Uso had not interfered there is no way Roman kicks out and AJ Styles is your WWE World Champion.

Lastly, and I almost hate to give Lance Storm credit here, the springboard component that led to the Spear really should make it more brutal.  So if you're looking to nitpick, there's a solid response to that whole deal.

Are these big deals?  No. Am I fired up about them? Not really.  It's just kind of funny to me how the narratives surrounding this guy (The Guy) continue to stick around and/or change.