Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mattel WWE Series 62 and 63

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Mattel is on fire with some of these Basic sets.  Both 62 & 63 have some nice looking figures in them.

The lineups are below and images can be found in the articles linked below on

Biggest complaint for me in particular is that I do not like the Surfer Sting head sculpt they are using on his Defining Moments figure or his Series 62 figure.  You can tell what they are going for based on the packaging artwork, but it just does not work for me in either case.  In fact, it has turned both of these otherwise excellent figures into passes for me.

Thoughts on some of the other figures are below the lineups listed below.

Series 62:
  1. Becky Lynch

  2. The Miz

  3. Roman Reigns

  4. Sin Cara

  5. Sting
Series 63:
  1. Alberto Del Rio

  2. Baron Corbin

  3. Paul Heyman

  4. Rusev

  5. Ryback

  6. Seth Rollins

  7. Sid Justice

  8. Undertaker

This is the first Roman Reigns we've gotten in street clothes which is the only reason I am considering buying it.  I already have the excellent WrestleMania Roman Reigns with that same head sculpt.  I am considering buying it for my son instead of getting it for my collection.  I showed it to him and he flipped out.  Thought it was a really cool figure.

Those were the two that most caught my eye as I am a huge fan of both guys.  Here's some quick thoughts about the rest.

The Becky Lynch figure is really cool, but not the best likeness. Baron Corbin's first figure is pretty sharp.  I like the head sculpt on Sid Justice better than the Elite one.  I'd like to see that head sculpt with the Elite hair.  That Paul Heyman likeness is spot on.  The cackling Seth Rollins might need to be purchased.  I never got Seth Cashes In so I never got a post-Shield Rollins for my collection.