Saturday, April 30, 2016

WWE Payback's Main Event: Roman Reigns v AJ Style for the WWE World Championship

WWE Payback is this coming Sunday and the whole show looks promising, but the main event is what I am most interested in right now.  The reasons for that should be obvious if you've ever read anything I've written here, but basically here's why.

  1. Roman Reigns is my favorite guy on the roster.  Watched him play football at Georgia Tech, The Shield was my favorite thing in WWE when they were doing their thing.  I think he has tremendous potential still.
  2. AJ Styles is a guy I was fortunate enough to see even going back to his days in NWA WildSide. Norko and I along with some others made the trip up to Cornelia for the TV tapings for a good while so AJ is clearly "our guy."
All this said, I am really looking forward to their match at Payback due to those factors, but also because it's a fresh match to have at the top of a WWE PPV/special show card.

I think it is critical for Roman Reigns to have title defenses like this.  WWE needs to let that guy go out there and have solid matches with a wide variety of talent.  His current character of "The Guy" plays perfectly with this as he can face heels and faces both and it doesn't really matter.

Now this one has the added intrigue of Gallows & Anderson lurking in the background and I am sure they will play some role in the match.  What I want to see is a great match with a bit of chaos thrown in, but if AJ Styles ends up losing clean to Roman Reigns I have no issue with that.  Honestly, Reigns winning clean and saving the Gallows & Anderson stuff for after the bell is probably the better way of doing it.

AJ will still be given the chance to shine, Roman is given the credibility he needs as champion, and hopefully it leaves us wanting more for these two to tear it up again down the road.

A conversation with Fray on Twitter got me to thinking about this whole deal as well.  His stance is that WWE doesn't know what they want Roman to be.  It's hard to argue against that and right now I think they want him to be everything to everyone.  Face to women/children/guys like me, heel to the rest of the grown men is kind of where he's hanging out.

Since they have not gone full-fledged heel turn with him yet (which I actually find compelling with his current tweener role) I tend to think they are biding their time until we get a Shield reunion.

I could certainly be wrong about that, but it seems to me that now is an excellent time to turn him.  If you're not doing it now against a guy as popular as AJ Styles, you might have something else in mind.  That something else has to be bringing The Shield back together for some sort of run.

Either way, I am interested and invested in the main event scene right now and I hope WWE continues to give a spotlight to a wide variety of guys at the top of the card.