Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break Catch Up: WrestleMania, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles

South Atlanta Wrestling went dark last week because the family and I went on vacation to North Myrtle Beach, SC.  Had a great time there and tried to unplug a bit even though it was Mania Week.  I was more active on Twitter than I intended, but aside from the Pre-WrestleMania Thoughts post did not have anything to share here.

As a way of getting jump started, I wanted to take a brief look at the things I didn't discuss here last week.

  • WrestleMania 32--As a Roman Reigns fan I did not dislike the show as much as most.  I was on record ahead of the show saying that you had to have Reigns defeat Triple H if you want him to be a player going forward.  I said that knowing full well the Dallas crowd would dump all over Roman Reigns. 

    They didn't outsmart themselves there and went ahead and pulled the trigger on having him definitively defeat Triple H and The Authority.  That was absolutely the right move and hopefully this frees him up to do something different and more interesting.  More on that in the next bullet point.

    The show itself was not bad in my opinion, but it did feel too long.  I was honestly pretty fatigued by the end of it.  Hopefully, we get a trimmed down Mania next year as this was unnecessarily long.

    AJ Styles losing to Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose losing to Brock Lesnar in a thoroughly underwhelming match were both decisions I did not care for at all.

  • The soft reboot of Roman Reigns--As I already said, putting the strap on Roman Reigns was the right call.  That did not mean that WWE's work was done however as they were going to need to do something to mitigate the hardcores' reaction to the new champ.

    They did something to help on Raw.  We've all been clamoring for a silent, ass-kicker Roman Reigns.  They did not give us that, but they may have given us something even better and it is "I don't give a flip" Roman Reigns.

    Him showing up out there with his "I'm not a bad guy, I'm not a good guy, I am THE guy." line set the stage.  Everything from that point forward including on SmackDown portrayed him in a completely different light.  His mic drop and shoulder pat of AJ Styles was absolutely perfect.  It captured exactly what they are going for with him and I hope to see that momentum continue tonight on Raw.

    The biggest thing it accomplishes is that it makes the booing irrelevant.  When he was presented as the white knight it was an awful look to have him booed out of the building.  Now it doesn't really matter at all because it does not matter to him at all. 

    He needs to be presented as a fighting champion who takes on all challengers until it's time to pull the trigger on a definitive heel turn, Shield reunion, a showdown with John Cena, whatever. 

    Roman Reigns would be proud of this soccer play by the way. 

  • AJ Styles is your number one contender--Talking about shaking things up, I never expected to see AJ Styles in this position since the usual suspects had told me he had been "buried."  I did not realize how badly I wanted this match until they gave it to me.  

That's it really.  I mean, if I wanted to do a deep dive on some other stuff I am sure I could.  This was what grabbed my attention while I was on vacation so that's what I had any sort of real opinions on.  If there's something you'd like my thoughts on please hit me up on Twitter