Thursday, April 21, 2016

Raw: Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, and Guns N Gallows

Raw did not really capture my attention on Monday night.  Part of it was that it was a UK Raw, but the other issue was that I did glance at the spoilers after I saw Guns N Gallows attack Reigns via a GIF on Twitter. 

That said, I did not do a Raw Review on Tuesday.  I do, however, want to talk about the primary angle that came out of the show which was that attack by Guns N Gallows on WWE World Champion Roman Reigns.

When I first saw the spoiler I said that it was too soon for them to be introduced into the situation.  I still believe that is the case, but it was executed well.  It has added a layer of intrigue to the title match at WWE Payback although I seriously doubt it will change the outcome. 

There have been a pretty strong movement to have it turn out that Guns N Gallows are actually working for Roman Reigns.  While I think that would be awesome for a number of reasons (the main one would be watching a segment of the fanbase cry) I really think that's a situation where you're out thinking the room. 

One problem with it is that I think you need to be careful to not book Roman Reigns where he can only win via underhanded means.  Even if he goes full-blown heel, I don't think it will work if he is suddenly booked like The Miz or Seth Rollins as WWE Champion. 

The other issue is that what people really want to see is a Bullet Club (whatever they call them) versus The Shield.  Having Guns N Gallows align with AJ Styles or even a promoted Finn Balor (which I don't see happening) gets us a step closer to that. 

If it were me I would play it straight up and have Styles join up with the other two.  Then you setup a Roman Reigns/Usos v Bullet Club match.  If Seth Rollins can return you have BC enter first.  When it's time for Reigns/Usos to enter you hear "Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta."  In that moment I am pretty sure everyone would completely mark out for it. 

How do you explain Rollins reuniting with his Shield brothers?  It's simple really.  He's suffered a career-threatening injury which gave him some perspective, he saw Triple H try to recruit everyone to take his spot too.  Those are the storyline reasons.  The main reason I do it is that no one is going to want to boo Seth Rollins when he returns.  Give in to that and just debut him as a face.

Anyhow, that's where I am at with it.  I've enjoyed AJ Styles getting this spotlight (the title shot and the mystery about whether he is in cahoots with the other two) and I like goiong with something different than the usual suspects for Roman to defend against.  This angle has a lot of promise and I hope WWE can deliver on it.